Ride the Wave of Motivation

Happy New Year everyone!

With the new year, comes many resolutions. What’s my take on this tradition? I don’t always make resolutions, but I believe that it’s important to jump on the motivation train whenever it comes to your station… because motivation is very hard to find!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I know HOW to lose weight. I know HOW to make my money grow. I know HOW to be a more mindful parent. I know HOW to be a more productive employee or student.  Knowing HOW will only get us so far, it’s having the motivation to move forward– and keep moving forward– and keep moving forward– and keep moving forward– that will get us to our goals.

How does one find motivation?

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to become a motivational speaker. I loved how the motivational speakers brought in to my schools could capture the fire in each of us, and have us leave the auditorium filled with the desire to do better.

The key to motivation is knowing WHY you want to accomplish a goal. WHY do I want to get in shape? Because I want to look like a nutritionist… because I want to be stronger than ever… because I want to show my son that healthy living is our way of life… because I don’t want to hide from the camera or strategically place a small kid in front of my bare stomach when we take beach pictures this summer.

WHY do I want to make my money grow? Because I want to retire comfortably.

WHY do I want to be a better student? Because I want to be accepted into a doctoral program someday.

WHY do I want to be a better employee? Because whether or not I effectively do my job effects thousands of people every day. Because I want to be at the top of my game. Because I want to have one of the most reputable programs in my state. Because I care deeply about my industry and WHY I do what I do.

Right now I am motivated. The challenge will be to keep this wave of motivation going until older “bad” habits have been broken and new “productive” habits have taken their place. I keep reminding myself that instant gratification is NEVER better than the gratification that results from weeks, months, or years of hard work.

How do you find motivation?


New Year. New Resolution

Resolutions suck.

I have always made it a point to NOT make resolutions at the start of the New Year. This year, I’m deciding to give it a try. I’m making a few BIG resolutions, but they will each fall under the same umbrella– that is– being more MINDFUL. Mindful of my eating habits, mindful of what causes (what seams to be chronic) anxiety, what eliminates anxiety, spending patterns, parenting (putting down the electronics when I’m with my son), and doing whatever it takes to start achieving the goals that I have been chasing for what seams like my whole life.

I also plan on HEALING. I actually though I was making progress on my healing journey, until recent events proved that I have not healed as much as I assumed I have. I’m still a mess… but at least I am a mess in process!

Wish me luck!

~Sassy Megs

Ready. Set…

Tomorrow marks Day 1 of a 100 day challenge to eat clean and make healthier decisions. I have chosen to challenge myself and only tell a few of my most supportive friends. Here are the details:
1) take one selfie every day. This is to serve as a tool for motivation. Nothing motivates me like a picture pointing out all of my flaws. I look forward to seeing a gradual transformation!
2) I will food journal on Myfitnesspal. Last time I was committed to actively journaling my food for 12 weeks, I lost about 20 pounds. I like My Fitness Pal because it always my friends to view my food journal and make comments to taunt or encourage my a long the way.

I’ve decided that I’m not on a diet. The word DIE is in diet. I’m simply inspired to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Wish me luck!

My First Post

If you asked my friend Jenn what the word SASSY means, she would tell you that it is an acronym:







Being SASSY has turned into a way of life for my girlfriends and I. Being young and divorced has been a challenge that has forced me to start fresh. This time of reinvention- although it has been the toughest time of my life- has also been the most beautiful.

I will be turning 30 soon (8 weeks). What better way to celebrate my life than to start sharing it with all of you! Here’s to my next thirty years. Cheers!!!