New Year. New Resolution

Resolutions suck.

I have always made it a point to NOT make resolutions at the start of the New Year. This year, I’m deciding to give it a try. I’m making a few BIG resolutions, but they will each fall under the same umbrella– that is– being more MINDFUL. Mindful of my eating habits, mindful of what causes (what seams to be chronic) anxiety, what eliminates anxiety, spending patterns, parenting (putting down the electronics when I’m with my son), and doing whatever it takes to start achieving the goals that I have been chasing for what seams like my whole life.

I also plan on HEALING. I actually though I was making progress on my healing journey, until recent events proved that I have not healed as much as I assumed I have. I’m still a mess… but at least I am a mess in process!

Wish me luck!

~Sassy Megs